Apply to 300dpi

Becoming a member of 300dpi is an exclusive opportunity. While we accept only the most talented creatives into our highly curated community, we are always interested in new talent. Applicants are judged by our in-house Board of Directors based on their portfolio, web presence (this includes social media), and consistency. We’re looking for image-makers who exemplify professionalism on-set with a powerful grasp on creative comprehension, technical ability, understanding of lighting, and more. Our goal is to provide clients with the industry’s most innovative, top-notch imaging creatives, while giving our members the exposure they need to get hired.


300dpi is free for clients and there are three pricing options for creatives. Visit the Pricing page for the details.But the pricing options will also exist on the next page when you choose your plan.

1. Nominations

We work with an extensive team of vetted 300dpi Ambassadors, all of whom are hugely influential in the image-making industry. It is up to them to hand-pick and nominate creatives for 300dpi membership.

2. Company Scholarships

Another way to join 300dpi is through sponsorship by one of our partnering companies. These sponsorships are nonetheless heavily reviewed and approved the 300dpi Board of Directors.

3. Applications

The third way to obtain 300dpi membership is by submitting an application to be reviewed by our Board of Directors. If chosen for membership, you will be notified directly by a 300dpi staff member. We receive thousands of applications, so please be patient, and in the meantime, you’ll be on our radar and be notified about our events, updates, and happenings within our community.