What is 300dpi?
300dpi is an exclusive platform that connects the most innovative photographers and creatives with clients in need of their services. We are not a directory or an index, but a curated invite-only network offering only the best talent in the business. Most importantly, we limit our profiles to 300 members per category, cutting out the noise found in all other creative networks.

What are the benefits of using this service?
300dpi showcases the work of our members in a clean, cutting-edge portfolio design that allows visitors to filter, share and discover your work by discipline or category. These exclusive, invite-only profiles are marketed to our extensive network of art directors, art buyers, producers and others in need of their services. Members are also awarded benefits for creative resources through partnering companies, including rental equipment, data recovery, location services, and more. Additionally, pricing for 300dpi membership is positioned to be more affordable than all other competing platforms.

For clients, 300dpi cuts through the noise of other creative directories, offering a carefully curated platform featuring only the top professionals in the industry. There is also no fee or commission for using 300dpi to discover and hire our members, and visitors are given unlimited access to our platform and are free to connect with our members as they please.

How do I join 300dpi?
300dpi membership is invite-only and can only be awarded through nomination by one of our industry-vetted Ambassadors, or through sponsorship by a partnering company or brand.

Who can view my account on 300dpi?
Anyone can use 300dpi as a resource to expand their network of creatives. The site can be accessed publicly, and there is no fee or commission for using our service.

How are the 300dpi accounts promoted?
We promote the work of our members to an extensive list of over 100,000 clients through our weekly newsletter, social media channels, and regular project features. We also offer our members additional promotions outside of the 300dpi network, such as editorial features in prominent industry-related publications.

Does 300dpi make commission off its members?
No. We are simply a resource for creative discovery and request that any negotiations between our members and clients are privately held.

Can members be listed under more than one category?
Yes, but only if a member is nominated by more than one Ambassador or company. In this case, members are given multiple profiles across their respective categories, each of which showcases a different body of work. It is important to note that members cannot appear more than once in each category.

How does the company scholarship system work?
Company scholarships are awarded by partnering companies and brands who nominate members and sometimes accrue the membership costs. If the company does not choose to cover the cost of membership, the creative can choose from one of three pricing options.

What are the costs and pricing options for 300dpi?
As mentioned above, members nominated for company scholarships may be invited to join the network at free of cost. However, if the nominating party does not choose to cover the cost of membership, or if nominated by a 300dpi Ambassador, there are three main pricing options to choose from. Visit the pricing page for more details.

What happens after my 300dpi membership expires?
After each 300dpi membership expires, the nominating party is notified and given the option to renew the account, and the decision is left entirely up to them.