We Are 300dpi 

300dpi is an exclusive platform that connects the most innovative photographers and creatives with clients in need of their services. We are not a directory or an index, but a curated invite-only network offering only the best talent in the business. Most importantly, we limit our profiles to 300 creatives per category, cutting out the noise found in all other creative networks while allowing for variety and selection.

Our Mission 

300dpi members represent the quality of image-making worthy to print a 300dpi image. Each of them is hand-picked by our vetted team of 300dpi Ambassadors and partnering companies. We regularly nominate a new influx of Ambassadors, allowing us to continually evolve with the latest styles, trends and technology. It is our mission to share our members’ work with our vast network of over 300,000 art directors, buyers, producers, and more, who are consistently seeking first-class creative services. We do this by providing an efficient and exclusive discovery platform, facilitating client meetings, and promoting their work through our online networks. 

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Still Life

Kind words from our members

  • Nibiru is pretty, slick and easy to use. The best theme I’ve bought so far.

    Nonso Okoli via Twitter

  • I like how easy it is for designers to showcase their creativity without struggling with code.

    William Han

  • Nibiru is slick and pretty! It makes my work look much better.

    Claire Wilkins

  • Love it! A really simple way to showcase my Portfolio without wasting time messing around with code or hiring a web developer.

    Peter Quillen via Twitter

  • I love Siri. It’s really simple and easy to use, whilst still looking amazing! I’m really pleased with it so far.

    Oscar Hopkins via Twitter

The 300dpi Method 

Top talent, at your fingertips.

Showcase Your Work

The work of our members is showcased in our clean, cutting-edge profile design that allows visitors to filter, share and obsess over their work by discipline or category. 

Connect with Clients

We market our members by connecting them with clients through our intuitive site, growing online channels, and by facilitating client meetings with art directors, buyers, and more.

Industry Recognition

Being invited to join 300dpi is a privilege and an honor. We are the industry’s source of top-of-line creatives and image-makers across the most influential genres and categories. 

Cutting through the Noise

300dpi cuts out the noise of the masses and offers access to a hand-picked network of the most elite, high-end professional creatives and photographers.

Unlimited Access

There is no fee or commission for clients using 300dpi to expand their network of creatives. Visitors are given unlimited access to our platform and are free to connect with and hire our members as they please. 

Intuitive Experience

The 300dpi website is a custom-designed platform engineered for an intuitive user experience, such as a personal dashboard for members to build their profiles, and an intelligent search feature for clients to find creatives. 

Competitively Priced

300dpi membership is competitively priced as an affordable yet exclusive marketing platform for high-end professional creatives. Visit our Pricing page for the details.

Benefits and Discounts

300dpi is working to provide our members with exclusive access to industry and networking events, discounts, and more.

The 300dpi Clocks Are Ticking

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